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As part of the marketing mix, marketelements may recommend paid advertising for your website – also known as PPC campaigns. You may have heard of ‘Google AdWords’, the world’s leading PPC service.

PPC advertising allows you to set up an ad, select the keywords you wish to target and specify the budget you wish to spend per click per day. This means you have the ability to appear on page one of a Google search, and you only pay when someone clicks your ad and lands on your website.

The cost per click (CPC) is determined by an auction system. The more competitive the phrase, the higher the cost per click will be.
PPC advertising is a great option for building visitors in order to:
  • Achieve top search position for a phrase that is important to your business
  • Get immediate visitors to a brand new site
  • Advertise a seasonal or one-off event
  • Target phrases that are highly competitive
  • To ensure brand dominance
Setting up your Ad Campaign

Again, we start with your keyword research to find out which phrases we should target, based on the estimated traffic achievable and the cost. We talk with you about your audience’s characteristics and the language we need to use. Then it’s a simple matter of writing up your ads, deciding on your daily budget and setting up the campaign.

When a searcher clicks your ad link they are taken to a page in your website (the ‘landing page’). Designing a landing page specifically for the ad improves not only the number of users that click through your site but also increases the results from your ad campaign. For best results we also recommend that your website landing pages have been optimised first.

We monitor and refine your PPC ad campaign over time to ensure you are getting optimal results, and we provide training so you can understand your campaign metrics.

So to find out how marketelements can help get your PPC campaign working for you contact us now
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