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Advertising with marketelements

Love it or loathe it, advertising remains a central plank of virtually any sales and marketing strategy.

Sure, social media channels have given us a much broader and exciting environment in which to promote your brand and it’s products and services. But the basics remain the same: be bold, inform, persuade and remind!

Creative and carefully measured advertising campaigns can deliver higher levels of sales and competitive advantage. And real synergy can be achieved when advertising is combined with PR.

marketelements understands the aims of advertising – but also we understand that not all organisations have huge budgets for expensive campaigns. That’s why our unique approach allows us to design campaigns to suit all budgets, giving you the exposure you need within the budget you’ve laid down.

Whatever the strategic aim of your proposed ad – increase brand awareness, introduce a new product, or messages about the new features, etc. – you can be sure your ad will stand out and get noticed.

We take care to find out just who your target audience is and select the correct media to reach them? We also make sure we understand key factors as they relate to your audience, such as how old they are, how much they’re likely to spend, where they are and what they believe. Our information comes from a wide range of existing data but we also use or initiate surveys and customer feedback to assist us in understanding these factors.

Your advertising will help prospects through the buying process, demonstrate critical points of difference, remove obstacles to purchasing your products or services and tell your prospects what to do!

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