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Talking directly with your pre-qualified customers – instantly!

The letterbox outside your home or businesss used to be your window to the world. Nowadays there is no need to slip shoes on and pad outside – we’re now tending to simply carry our ‘letterboxes’ with us.

"In the past 12 months, the rate at which e-messages are opened on mobiles and smart phones has increased by around 35%...

As a result, people and businesses are now extremely used to receiving news and offers via e-messages direct to their inbox. And why wouldn’t they? It’s much more convenient to read, save or delete them at a time which suits them.

From a business perspective it can be a great way to generate sales, leads and keep your brand in touch with your audience.

Newsletters and e-messages containing deals and offers are the most common messages these days and they are received directly by pre-qualified prospects – they must be, as you’ve previously earned the use of their email address!
e-Messaging is good because…
  • You’ll be using a widely adopted medium that an increasing number of people use for their everyday communication and information
  • There’s the possibility of growing your customer list and leads as good e-messaging software allows recipients to share e-messages with friends and through email and social networks
  • It is instantaneous to the recipient’s inbox (often kept in their pocket!)

Broader benefits are…
  • e-Messaging is significantly cheaper than hard copy mailers & newsletters.
  • Sends can be closely tracked to provide invaluable statistics, such as who opens the message, who clicks though to the links in the message, who purchases and who shares the message, etc.
  • As your contact list (data) grows through sharing and response, the data can be used for other campaigns such as text and telephone if you wish.
Like any marketing activity, to get the best from an e-message campaign, you must constantly measure, analyse and adjust your campaign, using the wide range of useful statistics most e-messaging software offers.

To find out more about e-messaging for your business, or to enquire about our e-message service, contact us now for more information.
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