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The evolution of online marketing has created a generation of fairly tech-savvy individuals who require more than just a neat list of product details on a page to keep them engaged and willing to choose your business over your competition.

For small businesses who lack the ability to spend millions on high-end marketing campaigns that enlist the likes of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie – don’t despair… if you follow these 5 tips for smart copywriting, you won’t need cash-strapped Hollywood actors.  You will have online content that sells itself!

Tip 1: Deliver a clear message that connects to your company

Online content must connect your company and the products or services you are selling with your audience.  You will need to research your market and your prospective customers to get to know what benefits your prospects seek most.  Try to think from the perspective of the potential customer, not a salesperson or a marketer.  Go on, get into their shoes and walk around a little…

Tip 2: Write a great heading that packs a punch

A good headline can pull ten times the response as a not so good headline – so you will need to give it the attention it truly deserves. You’ll need to write several options before choosing the best one.  A rule of thumb is to try for about 20 different headline drafts.

Headline winners can include:

  • A big, bold promise of the benefits the prospect wants most
  • Specific figures
  • A guarantee
  • Credibility enhancers
  • A special offer

Tip 3: Show a solution to a problem

Communicate a problem faced by the prospective customer, then spell out how these problems will remain or worsen if they don’t take action now and (you guessed it…) offer your solution.  By doing this, you have the perfect window of opportunity to write passionately about why your product or service is their best solution.  You’ll also help them mentally ‘picture and enjoy’ the benefits of buying now.

Tip 4: Include a “call to action” and provide details on what to do next

Give your prospects clear instructions on exactly what to do to next – there’s no point getting them this far only to lose them at the last moment! Create some urgency to get a response as soon as possible, by telling the prospect what he or she stands to lose if they do not respond quickly.

Tip 5: Write text that is easy to read and scan

Savvy internet users do not have the time to pore over long paragraphs. Use sub-headings outlining benefits, short sentences and short paragraphs.  If any part is dull or boring and likely to cause a reader to concentrate too hard – cut it or rewrite it!  Your copy should be enthusiastic and passionate; after all, if you aren’t passionate about your own products or services, why should a potential customer be?

So, now you have the 5 Steps to creating smart copy that will engage your online audience – all you have to do is put them into action to begin reaping the benefits for your business.

Alternatively, you could contact us and simply sit back, relax and let marketelements create winning copy for you – just a thought…

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