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"5 Ways to get them without checking your business page...

We are all too aware of Facebook’s ability to expand your business footprint and connect with your customers. But if you don’t have the man hours to keep checking your business page for new messages or postswhat can you do?

1: Facebook Notification Emails

If you have a personal Facebook page you will be aware of the ability to receive email notifications whenever someone messages you or posts on your page. For administrators of business pages you can enable notifications from your business page to be sent to your email addresstoo.

To enable notifications:
  • Go to your Business page
  • Select Edit page
  • Select Manage notifications
  • Select Send notifications to…..

    (TIP: If this is already selected and you are not receiving emails try de-selecting, then save changes and go back in to re-select.)

    This is not without its faults – emails are not sent in real time so you could be waiting a while before receiving your email. Some have found that emails sent have been sporadic too and others do not receive them at all, even though they have ticked all the boxes and enabled the function.

    2: Facebook Messenger

    Facebook also has another product that is available for Windows called Facebook messenger. Using a small pop up window it allows you to receive and reply to messages and comments on your page in real time. It’s great for making sure that you don’t miss any chances for customer communication on your page while you are working on other areas of your business. The only draw-back to this handy gadget is you do need to be at your desk to see them.

    For more info check out www.facebook.com/about/messenger

    3: Facebook Pages Manager (iPhone)

    For iPhone users Facebook Pages Manager could be the perfect option if you’re out of the office. It allows you to manage multiple pages and will notify you about any activity on your page. You can also comment and respond to posts but currently you cannot see messages sent to your page although Facebook does mention this will be available in the future. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

    4: RSS feeds

    Facebook offers RSS feeds of your business page. Basically this is a text update of your page that you can subscribe to and view without having to be logged into Facebook. This will show any notifications of posts, comments or likes to your page but doesn’t show messages.

    In order to get started:

    • Go to your Business page
    • Select Admin panel,
    • Next to Notifications, select See all
    • Select Get notifications via: RSS

      5: Hyper alerts

      This is a non-Facebook created option. It is available as an application on facebook or you can sign up at their website www.hyperalerts.no . It gives you more options for when and how you receive your notification emails such as how often and if you want them grouped together. It won’t however, show messages sent to your page.

      So by now you should have some options to keep up communication with your Facebook customers without constantly visiting your page….enjoy the freedom.

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