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When creating good content or copy, a professional copywriter first studies the organisation and its products or services to thoroughly understand them. This should include researching markets or audiences to determine what benefits, objections or emotional drivers are key to them. At all stages, copywriters must think like a prospect not a marketer! This ensures the development of a communication that will help get the best possible response.

The most important part of the copy is the headline – because it is that which will lead the reader to engage further with the copy… or not! Copy writers use a selection of well researched themes and styles for headlines to give copy the best chance of being read.
In the main body of the copy, it is important to strike a one-to-one dialogue and pay attention to problems the reader needs solving. The reader is led through the reasons why your product or service will be the best solution to their need or problem, including appropriate use of urgency and offers.  

The copy must always include a clear instruction as to what they must to do as a result of reading the copy, e.g. Call Now, Visit the Website, or Book Now, etc.” Throughout, the copy must be uncomplicated, memorable and inviting.

With all this taken into account, you can wave goodbye to dull, boring copy and say hello to passionate, enthusiastic, professionally crafted communications that actually work!”

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