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Stephanie Hunt

Director, SEO, Web Development, Social Media

Steph is the slightly nerdy partner in  marketelements, being particularly good at helping clients to improve their online marketing with SEO, PPC, SM, FB, OBM, OM, plus a whole heap of other nerdy acronyms.   Steph is a local business mentor with a history in the finance and training industries.  Underscoring all this is her love of technology.   She goes to very nerdy international conferences to keep up with what Google is doing so she can share her new-found knowledge with the Team and our clients.

In her spare time, when she’s not looking after her family, Steph plays squash, reads and paints (acrylics and mixed media).  She also has a fixation with buttons… see her boards!

Brian Thomas

Director, Advertising, PR, Copywriting, Communications

Brian is a partner at marketelements and works on the marketing communications side of the house. He’s lived in NZ for 12 years with his wife and young family and feels he’s getting the hang of it! He loves putting end-to-end campaigns together for smaller businesses and making a positive impact on their bottom line.

When not glued to his monitor or his iPhone – Brian can be found skiing, hunting, camping or watching the Gruen Transfer and Dragons’ Den on his most treasured piece of domestic technology – MySky!

Steve Mitchell

Graphic Design

Steve is coming up to his first anniversary with the marketelements team. He is passionate about all forms of design and some would say he’s slightly obsessed with typography… He is a graphic design graduate of Leeds University in the UK and remains firmly based in Yorkshire, in the heart of the UK, with his wife and family.

When not behind a Mac, he encourages and inspires his tertiary and higher education students to do as he does and is filled with pride when they ‘get it’! He has a penchant for Cuban cigars and continental lagers which he enjoys when no one is looking!

Karen Melville Ives

Social Media

When Karen undertook her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing at Auckland University a couple of decades ago, there was no such thing as Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. Now, as our social media specialist, she spends a good deal of her time helping our customers in this dynamic new marketplace and reaching out to their audiences all over the virtual world.

If she’s not updating a status, you may find her on a mountain somewhere near Wanaka with her snow-sliding-obsessed family.

Adele Cuddie

Search Optimisation and Copywriting

Adele has been with marketelements for a few years now, working in the Search Optimisation and creative writing teams. She graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management) and a Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science (Design Studies). Adele’s talents at marketelements include creative copywriting and crafting seriously good link building campaigns for great search optimisation.

Originally from Auckland and now living in Invercargill, Adele enjoys spending time with her 3 young kids, house renovations and it turns out she’s pretty hooked on Pinterest too!

Georgina Cleave 

Marketing Communications

Georgina is an experienced marketer with a background that includes sports and media. Her experience spans B2B, B2C, event, brand and digital marketing management.

In her media career, a highlight for Georgina was her involvement in the 2015 Cricket World Cup nationwide integrated marketing campaign. She creates campaigns for a variety of clients, across the full spectrum of industries and business sizes. Georgina is digital savvy and has a broad skill set, with a passion for helping organisations achieve their business objectives. 

Nathan O’Byrne


We’ve long suspected that Nathan is not a real person at all – he’s actually a Superhero. Whenever marketelements has a technical glitch or a piece of seriously tricky web work to do, he dons his “SuperTec” cape and swoops to the rescue! Some say he has a 1 Million TB hard drive for a brain; others say he doesn’t drink or eat – but downloads everything he needs! We just say “Thanks SuperTec… You’re a Hero!”

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