Every business needs an online presence… simple as that!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization with marketelementsSo having invested valuable resources developing your website, you need to be sure you’ll get visitors.  So search engine optimization to achieve good search rankings is vital.

These days, search engines like Google and Yahoo run complex algorithms which scrutinize each website they encounter.

Well optimized sites rank higher in search results and are found easily by potential visitors – poorly optimized sites don’t rank so well and are often not seen.  A well optimisted site can also save you dollars on your Pay Per Click advertising.

At marketelements, we research the keywords and phrases that relate to your business, along with the number of searches they attract from your audience – both globally and locally.  We use this information to make recommendations for simple and often relatively inexpensive changes to your site’s structure or copy.

Once your site is optimized to perform and rank well with the search engines, we can offer advice on strategies such as developing links that assist with listing your business or enterprise with local directories and search engines – raising all-important visibility with your audience.

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