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Writing Clever Press Releases

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"How to Spread the Word Without Spending a Fortune

Many companies naturally choose to use advertising paths to get their message out there.  But in these economically challenging times advertising, whilst effective, can be too costly for some. Some smaller businesses are now asking the question – how do we get more bang for our marketing buck? Well, Public Relations as a Marketing Tool is making a comeback.

Thanks to online distribution sites and social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook, a clever Press Release can be just as effective as an advertising campaign in spreading the word – and relatively cheaper too. In fact, the time it takes to write one will be just about your only cost!

So to get you started, we’ve compiled 10 tips on how to write a Press Release that gets noticed.


The idea

1. Good Press Releases should announce something newsworthy about your business; this can include an event, a new product or service, accomplishments or financial news.

The Headline

2. Clever, well written headlines are vital with Press Releases, so make it concise, in 3 rd person and able to grab your audience’s attention, e.g. “XY Solar Company Gives You the Power”.

The Press Release

3. The first sentence should be just as compelling as the title; if you grab the attention of a reader with a snappy title then a good first sentence will persuade them to read on further.

4. Summarise the most important information in the first paragraph. This will allow readers to get the main points if they don’t have time to read on.

5. Try to answer the five W’s – who, what when, where, why and how – this will make sure you have all the details covered and avoid irrelevant information.

6. Keep the press release newsworthy, with details that are relevant to your target audience.


7. The press release should be between 350 and 500 words with appropriate contact information.

8. Remember to keep trademarks and company names consistent throughout the press release to look professional.

Best Practices

9. Can everything in your press release be substantiated? Make sure there are no outrageous claims that could bring on negative publicity if challenged.

10. Once your Press Release is complete then send it out to the masses! Submit it to online distribution sites such as PRlog and utilise social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to get that news out there and working for your business.

If you’re now a PR convert but need a hand, or you’re just too busy, click here to contact us or call 03 443 6661 to contact the copywriting team at marketelements.

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