Offline Marketing


Offline marketing remains a central plank of any integrated sales and marketing strategy.  The digital world has give us a much broader environment, and the two blend together to your benefit.


Creative and carefully measured advertising campaigns can deliver higher levels of sales, along with competitive advantage. And real synergy can be achieved when advertising is combined with editorial and PR.  

So the need for print media advertising remains strong and the basics are still the same: be bold, inform, persuade and remind!

Marketelements understands the aims of advertising – but also we understand that not all organisations have huge budgets for expensive campaigns. 

Our unique approach allows us to design campaigns to suit all budgets, giving you the exposure you need within the budget you’ve laid down.
Whatever the strategic aim of your ad campaign, you can be sure your ad will stand out, get noticed and get response.


Public Relations (PR) is key to making sure your audience is up to date with news, developments and promotions around your brand, news, products or services.

PR can take form of press releases and events and it can be cheaper to run PR campaigns than advertising. Consumers tend to have relatively high levels of trust for advertorials editorials. so this means that response to your message can be strong.

We take real care at marketelements to craft your news releases and advertorials so they really do work. We know how editors and journalist write, so we present only newsworthy stories in their writing style - increasing the chances of getting your story published.

And because most news appears online somewhere these days, your news releases will contain key phrases relevant to your audience's search habits, creating a bridge to the online environment and helping to generate traffic to your website.


Marketelements has the copywriting skills and experience to help you create copy that works, getting you real leads and assisting you with your growth objectives.

These days, good copywriting is not simply free of spelling and grammar mistakes, with a flowing description of a product or service. Today's skilled copywriters need to know how to include key words for search engine marketing – critical in today’s digital environment!

We also pay careful attention to engaging headlines that make a reader decide to engage with the copy and read on. We include key benefits, messaging and emotion that connects with the reader, along with clear calls to action - all of which are vital to ensure the copy gets the response you require.
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