Modular business software tailored for your business...

Cloud-based, custom software for your business... without the price tag!

Syftstream allows you to run your businesses how you want, without changing the way you work or fitting around software designed for someone else.


Shrink-wrapping may be good for hardware, but Syftstream believes it’s bad for business software - because every organisation and their processes are unique, run by individuals like you. 

Because it's customised for you, Syftstream gives you the confidence to get total control of your data and processes, making your business simpler and transforming your ability to deliver for your customers.


Syftstream is a modular cloud-based application that is configured alongside you for your organisation's key processes. 

Its unique design allows us to fully integrate, track and report in one single application, functions such as lead generation and customer contacts, quote and order processing, task and timesheet management, costs and invoices, inventory, resource and personnel scheduling, metrics and KPIs. 

The Intel Function makes searching an reporting easy, and your application also connects seamlessly with accounting products like Xero.  So no more double-entering data or searching documents and spreadsheets for key information stored in different places.

Syftstream makes your business easy to run again, allowing you to spend more time growing your business and focusing on your customers and clients. 


1.  First up, our consultant will spend time with you understanding you business's needs.

2.  Your Syftstream Template is then configured and delivered. It's pretty intuitive but you'll get all the training you need.

3.  Finally, we refine your Syftstream with you so it it works like you do, with everything you need and nothing you don't.
Throughout the Syftstream process, we'll be sharing our best practice knowledge with you. We’ll look at processes that frustrate you and we usually find ways things can be improved, delivering significant cost and efficiency savings for your business. 
These improvements are free and are usually passed on before we implement your new system.

Syftstream gives you the confidence to take the steps you know you need to take, to get total control of your data and processes, make your business simpler and transform your ability to deliver for your customers.  

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