If you've had enough of generic, off the shelf business software, double-entering data or searching documents and spreadsheets for key information stored in different places - welcome to Syftstream.

Syftstream works alongside you to customise your Syftstream application, customising the software to fit your business. So you can run your business just how you want.

It's simple, so you don't need to be an IT expert to work out how to use it. It's intuitive and it works!

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The Challenge

Founder of Syftstream, Alastair Badman, was running his successful UK software consultancy when he noticed that many small businesses rely on a variety of spreadsheets and documents to get key operations and performance data to allow them to make decisions. This lead Alastair to develop a customisable software framework, doing away with the need for spreadsheets and documents and putting key data, reports and KPIs in one place. The framework allows owners to run their businesses more easily and this need wasn't being addressed in the SAS marketplace.

Alastair came to Marketelements in need of a brand identity, messaging and a website.

What We Did

As Alastair is based in the UK, we used Skype and an online workshop process to drill down on exactly what this new software service was, it's uniqueness, the problems it would solve, it's features, attributes and values. Alastair completed our interactive workshop materials which provided us with key insights and a deeper understanding of what the brand tone, look and feel should be, along with the brand values.

From this work we were able to arrive at a brand name and an associated colour palette which have received positive feedback and with which Syftstream are delighted.  We then worked together to produce key messaging for launch materials such as a promotional video, social media and the website.

Syftstream then asked us to design and develop the .com website to support the market launch of the service. We were given free reign in the design phase and presented Alastair with 2 concept options - one of which he chose and was developed to completion and launch with 3 weeks.

A key challenge was to present a product with many technical attributes in an understandable and accessible way. A short movie explaining Syftstream was produced and was used front and centre, above the fold, to give a instant impact and maximum engagement.

Knowing that Syftstream's market will be busy, on the go business people, we made sure the website rendered beautifully on all platforms - from desktop, through to laptops, tablets and phones. 

As with all our sites, it was built with an easy to use Content Management System so Syftstream can manage content changes themselves, quickly and conveniently.

What We Achieved

We've provided a brand identity that Syftstream are delighted with. Although well differentiated, the brand sits comfortably in the tech space. We have delivered and launched an engaging website that is fast, ranks well, is engaging and is able to generate valuable leads, at a fraction of the cost of UK agency.

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