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"A unique model for smaller NZ businesses, offering marketing support  on an ‘as-much or as-little’ and a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis...

Marketelements is rapidly becoming New Zealand’s leading marketing support and consultancy business.

Our vision stemmed from the realisation that many good NZ businesses often aren’t able to engage in essential marketing activities to allow them to grow because they simply lack the resources or expertise. So in 2009 we developed our unique  marketelements model, offering businesses affordable access to  web development ,  SEO Copywriting ,  PR and Advertising services on an ‘as much or as little’ and a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, helping them work towards real growth!

Marketelements is all about long-term relationships too. We’re proud to have clients from Invercargill to Auckland who we’ve worked with regularly since 2009 and who tell us they see us more as partners instead of service suppliers…

Company History

Stephanie and Brian are passionate about the ‘Marketing Support’ model that ME is based upon. They came from complementary ends of the marketing spectrum but shared the same vision!

When managing a dynamic web development company, Stephanie Hunt quickly realised that performance on search engines is the ultimate key to the success of a website – and the business that relies on it – but it is a constantly changing field. Stephanie noted that many businesses who launched a website required ongoing advice and support to keep up with ever-changing search criteria and to embrace and leverage Social Media as an important marketing channel.  With over 1.4 billion users now on facebook, it would appear Stephanie’s instincts were spot on…

After working with marketing companies in the UK, as well as in his own successful businesses in New Zealand, Brian Thomas noticed that small and growing businesses often can’t engage in coordinated marketing activities because they lack the resources for the hefty consultant fees often demanded.

On and offline marketing, advertising, PR and good copy are the lifeblood of any marketing campaign and Brian’s passion is to put end-to-end campaigns together for smaller businesses for a level of investment they can afford.

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Why Choose  marketelements?

Marketelements will invest their time to work with you to understand your business and its requirements.  Whether it’s website development, SEO, a social media campaign or a communications campaign you need, we’ll put a proposal to you which will outline exactly how we can help and what your investment will be. You can end your agreement with us at any stage* – or you can partner with us as long as you wish.  We pride ourselves on our many long-term relationships so you can be sure that we work hard to deliver value and tangible results.

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